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Joyce’s Story

Welcome to Texas Christian name is Joyce and I am proud to call the founder of Texas Christian Adoptions, Andrea Damone-Brown, my friend. It is my belief that prospective mothers should feel optimistic when placing their child for adoption. Because of this belief I’d like to give you a small peek into my own adoption…

In August 1949 I was born and adopted two months later while being a ward of the state of Ohio in their Children’s home. My birth mom, who was nineteen, was incarcerated at the time of my birth and had no alternative except to place me for adoption. I was one of the fortunate children in that I was raised by two loving parents in a Christian home. Their love for me was unfailing! I grew up an only child and always felt special in their eyes.

At age eight, my mom told me I was adopted and it wasn’t long before I started asking questions. Adoptions are done so differently today than in the years I grew up. Basic information is now shared, but my questions went unanswered. I was always told the records were sealed and I would never find out anything. This was untrue, of course, as I discovered in 2006. With my husbands’ help on the computer, I found my siblings, aunts and uncles, and many cousins, nieces and nephews too!

Unfortunately, my birth mom died in 1978 and I was told my birth father was also deceased. My questions are still unanswered for the most part, but I take comfort knowing my life would have taken a very different turn had my mom not made the decision she made 67 years ago.

God bless you all and may the decisions you make today bring you peace always.


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