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How we serve our Adoptive Parents

There are many reasons why Adoptive Families choose to adopt. For some families it can be related to a medical condition, for others the desire to adopt had been deeply rooted since their childhood. We have had the privilege of placing over 100 newborns, and each one was special and a unique experience.

It is normal for the thought of adoption to produce anxiety, but the experience itself is normally a beautiful encounter between a loving family and a precious birthmother. Texas Christian Adoptions is here to explain the process and walk with you through this exciting journey.

Texas Christian Adoptions will not host orientation meetings but prefer to meet with our families individually. This way families have our undivided attention and feel comfortable talking about their fears and desires concerning their vision for their adoption. The first step in starting your adoption through Texas Christian Adoptions is to request an information pack.  This allows you review how the adoptions take place and gives an explanation of the adoption application fee as well as the placement fee. The application fee is due when you send in your application packet, and is not a part of the placement fee. The placement fee is due once we find you a match you have agreed to, which can take anywhere from one to three years on average. The placement fee is an “all inclusive” flat fee, but we also have a “Hard to Place” fee, which is a reduced fee that is utilized when there are special circumstances with a particular adoption.

Please note that there may be times when we will have to pause taking any new applications due to the number of families waiting to be matched.

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We can explain the adoption process, and how we can help support you.

Steps Of The Adoption Process

It is important to find the agency that is best suited to meet your needs. You do this by interviewing agencies and determining if you feel a connection with them. It is my opinion that God will lead you to the agency that is best for you.

1. The first step would be to meet with a Texas Christian Adoptions Counselor to discuss your expectations of the adoption process and the type of child you envision within your family. Also there may be a waiting list so you would want to ask about the current status.

2. If you decide that Texas Christian Adoptions is the agency you would like to help you with your adoption journey, then please reach out to us to request an application to complete. Once completed, and the additional required documents are assembled (see below), you can return it to the agency, along with payment of the Application Fee of $2,500.00. It is important to make a copy of your documents for the social worker who will be performing your Homestudy after the clearances have been received.

Undergo a Pre-Adoptive Screening Evaluation where we request you to submit the following documents:

  •  Detailed autobiographies of each Adoptive Parent to learn more about who you are and how you wee raised. Please do not forget to include a recent family photo.
  •  Current Physical of All Persons Living in Your Home to verify your physical, mental, and emotional status.
  •  First Page of Your Most Recent Tax Return and Most Recent Employer Paycheck Stub to verify your family’s financial stability.
  •  Health Insurance Information-please copy insurance cards (front and back) and send with other documents. This is to confirm that the child will be covered by your medical insurance. A copy of your current automobile insurance is helpful so we know you have coverage.
  •  References from three friends (non-family members) who have known you personally for at least 10 years.
  • One Shutterfly hard cover 8×11 Photo Book, which includes a Dear Birthmother Letter, a profile of each of you both, and current pictures of you both, your family members and pictures of your home. We can explain what needs to be included in the book. We have some we can show you as examples. In addition, please include 5 flyers made of hard card stock which summarize your book – this way interested Birthparents can take the flier not your book!
  •  Copies of both Drivers Licenses and Birth Certificates (or Current Passports).
  •  Marriage Certificate (if applicable) and Divorce/Death certificate (if applicable).
  •  Divorce/Death Certificate (if applicable).
  • Proof of current Pet Vaccinations on all animals living in your home.
  • Photos of front and back yard.
  • A blueprint or drawing of your home with the dimensions and purposes of all rooms (bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, closets, bathrooms, etc) and identify indoor areas for children’s use (playroom) as required by the state.

3. The agency will run a required criminal history with the information given in the application. Following those checks, you will receive an email indicating that its time to schedule your FBI fingerprint check. At this point, you will be able to schedule an appointment to perform your FBI check. You can go to or call 1-888-467-2080 to make an appointment and find their nearest location. 

4. Start baby proofing your home before the Homestudy is performed by adding locks to doors that exit to a water area (pool, fountain, pond, etc.) and adding plug protectors, and other tools that protect a child. This is important to have done if you are open to a last minute placement or end up having a short wait time. Go to this site for baby proofing ides for more details.

5. Undergo a Pre-Adoptive Home Screening (typically referred to as a Home Study).

6. Be selected by the Birth Parent(s) and obtain a copy of the Birth Parent’s Health, Social, Educational, and Genetic History Report (HSEG) and a picture of one or both of the Birth Parents.

  • If you feel comfortable with the HSEG of the Birthparent(s) then we set up a meeting. If you and the Birthparent(s) agree to the match, then the next step would be solidifying the match by submitting the adoption contract and fee to Texas Christian Adoptions.
  • Families can prepare for the baby by attending the required Basic Infant Care and Safety Training Class at a local hospital. Your completion certificate would go in your file.
  • We recommend meeting with the Birthparent(s) at least once a month over lunch or at the doctors’ office to establish a connection with one another. This will make the labor and delivery experience at the hospital much more comfortable for both parties.
  • Once your Birthmother feels like she is in labor, a Counselor will contact you. Per the Birthmothers instructions for the hospital, and the plan that was made by both parties, all parties will follow that established plan.
  • Texas Christian Adoptions’ Counselor will be at the hospital to support all parties. Once the child is born and 48 hours has passed, the agency would obtain the Birth Parents Relinquishment of Parental Rights.
  • Undergo a six to eight-month evaluation by Texas Christian Adoptions until Finalization is obtained, which includes monthly Post-Place Adoptive Screening.
  • Undergo a six-month evaluation by Texas Christian Adoptions, which involves five monthly Post Placement Adoptive Screenings. During this time you may contact an attorney regarding the Finalization of your adoption. I recommend Eric Freeby ( You may also choose an accredited adoption attorney of your choice. Please note: Texas law states the Child must live in your home for six months before the Finalization can take place.

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