putting a baby up for adoption in dallas, texas

I am not ready to be a parent today, which is why I am choosing adoption!” 

We care about our Expectant Mothers and the brave choice they are making. The adoption journey can be full of hills and valleys, but you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help answer your questions and help guide you along the way. 

 Joy, our Adoption Specialist, chose adoption 16 years ago and truly understands what you are going through. She is available to talk or text if you just want to ask her what to expect.

You can text her at 254-205-8407. We look forward to connecting with you!


When you answer these questions, please base your responses on honest facts and not on emotions and on what is in the best interest for you and the child.

1. When I think of my future, what would I like to see?

2.  How would I take care of a child and maintain my job and/or school – at the same time?

3. Have I ever experienced balancing a job, school and raising a child?

4. Am I prepared to surrender the freedom to do what I want to do when I want to do it?

5. What would be an example of something I would be giving up if I choose to raise my child?

6. Do I understand the sacrifices that would be made on my social life if I decide to raise a child? Am I prepared to make these changes?

7. Would I miss my free time and privacy?

8. Do I make enough money to allow me to raise a baby the way I would like?

9. Do I want to raise a child in the community where I currently reside?

10.  Would raising a child interfere with my own growth and development?

11.  Would parenting change my educational or vocational plans? Why or why not?

12.  Do I like activities with children? 

13. Do I enjoy the same activities children enjoy?

14. Do I believe a child can make me “happy”?

15.  Am I a patient person? Could I deal with the noise or sounds, emotional and physical hurdles, and 24 hours a day responsibility of raising a child?

16.  What kind of time do I need for myself?

17.  How do I handle my anger today?  Do I get upset easily?

18.  What sort of discipline would I use?

19.  Do I have a positive relationship with my parents today?

20.  What will I do to prevent the mistakes I feel my parents made in raising me?

21.  What sort of plan do I have to take care of my child’s health care needs?

 22.  Do I have a way to get to my child’s medical or dental appointments?

23.  Do I have a good daycare if I am going to work?  What do they charge per month?

24.  Would I need to accept food stamps, WIC, Medicaid in order to care for my child?

25.  Do I want/can I tolerate a life long tie to the birthfather/birthmother of my child?

26. Will I allow or want him to be involved with raising the child?

27. What are five goals you’d like to do in the next year?


1.  __________________________________


2. __________________________________


3. __________________________________


4. __________________________________


5. __________________________________

27.  Does knowing that adoption is a gift that will actually “create” a family, make a difference on how you view adoption? One in four couples have problems getting pregnant, and adoption is the option they turn to most to fulfill their dream of becoming a family.

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Can I afford a baby right now?

Use the chart below to give you a rough estimate of the cost of raising a child in relation to your income.



Child Support (if applicable)  
State/Government Support (if applicable)  


Child Care (if applicable)  
Health-Care Insurance (Private)  







Natural Gas



Household Supplies  
Personal Hygiene  
Transportation (Gasoline or Public)  
Car Insurance  
Internet Connection  
Credit Card(s) Debt  





“My Counselor here was amazing with me throughout my entire pregnancy & adoption process. As a birth mother, I needed the loving support of a friend. She gave that to me in spades, plus so much more! Andrea helped me to find the perfect parents for my baby boy. She prayed for & with me to find peace & joy in my decision. Seven years later (wow, it’s been over 7 years), she is an incredible woman & still someone I consider a true friend. I have tried to send other women in need to her, & I, myself, would go to Andrea again in a heartbeat should I find myself in a situation that adoption was needed &/or desired! ❤

Thank you for helping me to find my son a family, for helping me give William the life he so deserves!”

 Davina / Birth Mother 

Expecting Mothers can talk to a Birthmother who experienced adoption for insight, just call us at 214-663-6323 

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