Frequently Asked Questions

Our Birthparents have asked:

If I need help with groceries, or rent, what can I expect?
As a licensed agency, we are allowed to assist our Expectant Mothers with financial assistance. Licensing allows us to help in the areas of rent, groceries, utility and phone bill and transportation. We have the resources to help once a match with the adoptive family you choose is made. We can also assist you with applying for other assistance like Medicaid and other helpful resources that will prove to be extremely helpful during your pregnancy.
I need help finding an OBGYN – can you all help me find one?
Yes! We will help you find a compassionate licensed OBGYN near you that will give you the attention you need and deserve!
What are the differences between Open, Semi-Open or Closed adoptions? Can we choose the type of adoption that we are most comfortable with?
Yes, each adoption is done to individually meet the needs of each member of the triad. The most popular type of adoption is the Semi-Open adoption, and some can be made more open than others. Some are more more on the closed side, if that is requested. Open adoption means that you have a completely open relationship with your adoptive family. Semi-Open means that you have a relationship with your adoptive family but there are parameters established, which means that some confidential information not shared, but pictures and updates are still given for 18 years and face to face meetings are still an option as long as it does not affect the adoptee in a negative way (sometimes a child who is 3 or older can be confused about adoption, so it is encouraged to allow that child to have a voice regarding any meetings). In some cases, a child is able to understand the situation and the meetings can include them. Closed adoptions are ones where one or both parties desire a limited amount of contact. The agency still requests pictures in case that desire changes in time.
Can I receive pictures so I know my child is doing well?
Pictures and updates are shared for 18 years so that you know he or she is thriving and is happy.
Do you have a support group where I can process my feelings before, during and after placement?
Yes, we have a support group that meets every 4-6 weeks as requested by the members.
Can I make my adoption plan so I know what to expect throughout my pregnancy?
Yes, each Birthparent makes an adoption plan with their counselor, so your needs and requests are made known and therefore can achieved.
I want to choose adoption, but not everyone supports my decision. What should I do?
The decision to place your child for adoption is the most difficult decision one can make. It is so important that you have a support system that will encourage you before and after the placement. One action that may be helpful is to bring the friend or family member in with you to talk to the agency counselor so that there are no misconceptions. Each situation is different and we are here to help you go over your options. Agencies are here to support and encourage, but should never pressure their Birthparents in regard to their placement.
What are my rights during and after the adoption process?
Until the legal documents are signed, which typically occurs two days after the child’s birth, the Birthmother remains the legal parent of the child. If you are working with a licensed agency who performs your adoption properly and ethically, once the legal paperwork is signed the relinquishment becomes irrevocable. A good agency will not pressure the Birthparent in any way regarding placement, and encourage her to do what is best for her and her child

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