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If you are looking into the option of adoption, but wondering how adoptive families are chosen, give us a call today!

You can decide who your baby is placed with and we have many wonderful waiting families to be chosen from. Below is a list with photos, videos and letters from our current waiting families!

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We are Zach, Carmen, and Josiah, and we understand this might be a difficult time for you. We are praying for you, your baby, and the decisions you will be making in the coming days. We have been happily married for 13 years and have a stable marriage built on our shared faith. We adopted our son, Josiah, 5 years ago and have loved every moment of laughter and love he has brought into our lives. We would love to welcome more children into our home and hearts through adoption.We make our home in the country, which allows us to have several animals including dogs, chickens, goats, ducks, and a mule. Raising our children in the country has been our dream, and we love being able to provide our children with opportunities to learn and play outdoors. Getting to experience and interact with nature and wildlife on a daily basis is a blessing for which we are grateful. Our home and property provide myriad opportunities to teach our children not only about biology, chemistry, and agriculture, but more importantly about God’s creation and His wonderful mercy.

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Thankfully, we have a good relationship with Josiah’s birth mom, and we love and respect her for the choices she made which allowed us to fulfill our dream of becoming parents. We know the sacrifice and love she showed through her decisions, and we are thankful every day that she chose to give life to our precious son. May God lead you in His path and give you peace and confidence in your decisions.

With admiration and respect,                                           

Zach, Carmen, and Josiah

Hi there!                                                                            Caleb and Kara are matched!

We are Caleb and Kara from central Texas. We’ve been married since 2016, bought a 2-story home with 4 bedrooms and 2 playroom areas in 2018 and we’re ready to fill it with family which begins with a precious child!

We have been close friends since 2011 working on creative projects that have included voice acting, singing, and producing original content such as radio plays. At the time, Caleb was working in sports production and Kara was a pre-school teacher and communications assistant for her church. We began to date in 2012 and in 2014 Caleb began to form a career as a singer and vocalist for a variety of projects. By 2015 it became evident that between Caleb’s talent and Kara’s knack for organization, we were able to have full-time jobs in the music industry.

We are a family who loves God and His Word, the Bible. We believe in prayer and have great faith that He is leading us on a journey to find our child. We have also been praying for you! You have shown great courage, strength, and humility to take these challenging steps forward with your life and the life growing inside you. We are eternally grateful to your decision to allow us to grow our family. You have faithfully already chosen to love your child by putting their needs above your own and we vow to ensure he or she will fully know the sacrifice you made.

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Kara especially understands the value of your decision. She was given up at birth because her birth mother knew she was unable to provide for a third child at 19 years old. She traveled from Mexico to Texas to pursue an abortion, but by the grace of God and her willingness to sacrifice a part of herself, she changed her mind opting to offer her daughter up for adoption. Kara was given a home with a wonderful family who were able to give her an adventure-filled life full of love.

Because of Kara’s personal experience as an adopted child, she has longed for the day that she too would be able to adopt a special baby. Caleb began to share that desire as we discussed family planning and now both of us pray regularly for you and the small life you’re bringing into the world.

Hi there, we are Everett and Sasha!

First, we want to thank you for choosing life for this amazing blessing you are growing inside of you.  We admire you for considering adoption as we know this is a confusing and difficult time in your life. You will be giving someone the gift of life, and someone else the gift of parenthood. Know that you are so loved and appreciated by your child’s adoptive parents, for you have blessed them with a life they have been praying so hard for. 

Everett And Sasha are matched!

We may not have been fortunate enough to conceive naturally, but we firmly believe that God’s plans are bigger than us and it’s what has led us here, to you. We promise you that this baby will be loved and cherished every step of the way, regardless if they are of our blood or not. We promise to value their opinion and provide a safe, happy home and a life with every opportunity possible! We promise to keep God in the center of our family and teach our children of his grace and mercy. Above all else, we promise to be the best parents we can be to this child and remain grateful for their presence in our lives eternally.

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We both love to spend our time together enjoying God’s creation to mankind. We love to go fishing and hiking when the weather is nice, and enjoy spending quality time with the family any chance we can. Everett enjoys his spontaneous hobbies like skydiving, while I pursue Makeup Artistry as my side hobby. We are both so different when it comes to our likes and dislikes, but we balance each other out in the best way possible.

    Our future goals as a family are to travel the world and teach our kids of all the greatest values and skills God has instilled in us.  We promise to love and respect your baby with all we have! We know parenthood will come with it’s struggles, but we know it will be so rewarding! You and this baby are such a blessing to us. 
If you decide to make an adoption plan, we want to assure you that we promise to respect you and your level of openness and contact you want to have with your child. We are praying for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, that God will fill you with peace in whatever decision you make. 

Hello!  We are Devon and Adam. Although God has not yet blessed us with children, we have known for many years that adoption would be an amazing path for sharing our lives and hearts with a child. We are honored that you are considering us as a potential adoption family.

Just a few weeks after being married in 2018, we knew living full-time in Dallas, TX would not give us the rest, beauty and memories of having a home in the country. So, for the last 3 years, we have spent most of our weekdays at our Dallas home, and most of our weekends, and holidays, at our vacation home on Cedar Creek Lake. Family memories have been made constantly at the lake as we teach nieces, nephews, and cousins the simple life of fishing, swimming, kayaks, and taking the boat out to catch a beautiful sunset over open water. Bear and Gemma, our goldendoodles who are gentle and love children, also make up a good part of our home life and literally count the seconds until we hop into the car to make our way back to the lake where they can chase squirrels and jump in the water!

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We feel called to serve others with our love and time. We are active mentors in the Big Brothers Big Sisters programs, and consider it an honor that those families have trusted us with helping their kids in personal and educational development. At our church, we also have served in children education programs.

We have always dreamed about being parents and having a child to raise in a loving home.  We are very excited to be adopting and have so much love to share for this child as we expand our family. Please always know we will unconditionally love and cherish your child and we will make sure that they will be proud to be adopted and know God’s love for them. We hope these pictures and information gave you a look at our lives and we look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With love and respect, Adam and Devon                     

Hi there! We are Caleb, Miranda and Quinn! We met in 2010 when Caleb got his first job out of college. Unbeknownst to him, he would be sharing a cubicle with his future wife! We started dating the year after that and were married in 2013. We have a two year old daughter, Quinn, and three dogs so it is never a dull moment in our house. Adoption has always been something we thought we would consider (we both have multiple adopted cousins) after having two kids, but we have experienced three miscarriages and feel God pointing us down the adoption path sooner than we planned! The losses that we have experienced have given us an even greater appreciation and joy for new life and we cannot wait to have another new life join our family.

Our home has ample family space inside and a huge backyard for various fun activities! Caleb works for a wealth management firm and Miranda works for a family venture capital firm. Keeping God central to our family is important to us and we participate in various church activities such as co-leading a small group in our home, occasionally leading a women’s or men’s group, serving in the nursery, and on the board. In the community we volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and special needs programs. Serving others is a virtue we hope to instill in our children through leading by example.

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Your decision to create an adoption plan for your baby leaves us feeling incredibly humbled, grateful, and amazed. We know that this new life is precious and cherished and if they (and you!) become a part of our family, they will be loved and cared for with all we have.

Praying God wraps you in peace and confidence throughout this journey. 

Caleb, Miranda, and Quinn

Hello, we are David and Candida.  We are a bilingual family. We have been married for 19 years and are truly best friends. We tried to start a family six years ago but were unable to.  We tried several fertility treatments, all which failed.  In December 2020, we felt God leading us to become Foster Parents. We became certified and welcomed a baby boy into our home in March 2021. After almost a year, we were finally able to adopt him!  He is now nineteen months old and a happy, beautiful baby boy. We are so happy and blessed to call him our son. We hope to adopt again so that he can grow up with a brother or sister. We want you to know that if we are chosen, we promise to love this child with all of our hearts.  Our families will be there to love, encourage and support this child.  We promise to teach this child about God’s love and of the loving and selfless sacrifice you made.  We hope you will consider us.

Hola. Somos David y Candida.  Nosotros somos una familia bilingüe. Hemos estado casados por 19 años y somos verdaderamente mejores amigos. Intentamos formar una familia hace seis años, pero no pudimos.  En diciembre de 2020, sentimos que Dios nos guiaba a convertirnos en padres de crianza. Nos certificamos y en marzo de 2021, dimos la bienvenida a un bebé a nuestra hogar. ¡Después de casi un año, finalmente pudimos adoptarlo! El ahora  tiene  diecinueve meses y es un bebé feliz y hermoso. Estamos muy felices y bendecidos de llamarlo nuestro hijo. Esperamos adoptar de nuevo para que el pueda tener un hermano o hermana. Queremos que sepas que si somos elegidos, prometemos amar a este niño con todo nuestro corazón. Nuestras familias estarán allí para amar, alentar y apoyar a este niño/o niña.  Prometemos enseñarle a este niño/o niña  sobre el amor de Dios y del sacrificio amoroso que hiciste.  Esperamos que nos tomes en consideración. 

Thank you,
Candida and David

Dear Birth Parents,

Thank you for considering us as a potential family for your baby! We are Sean and Jeanette, high school sweethearts who have been married since 2010 and have 3 amazing children. Sean works in property management and real estate, and Jeanette is a stay-at-home mom with an online business reselling antique and vintage treasures.

We are dedicated to giving our children enjoyable childhoods full of good memories and teaching them life skills that they will need to be successful later. We prioritize being connected with a strong family-oriented church and teaching our children about God and his love for us. We home school and attend a weekly co-op.

Our family enjoys reading books together, playing board games and traveling. A highlight of our year is our annual trip to the mountains of North Carolina. We also frequently visit Granny and Grumpy’s ranch and take other trips with the kids. We nearly always have a membership to a zoo or aquarium.

To see Sean and Jeanette’s video click here!

Jeanette loves painting murals, doing crafts and planning themed birthday parties with fun homemade cakes. She also cooks most meals at home and enjoys finding delicious and healthy recipes. Sean is incredibly handy and built the kids an amazing fort in the backyard. He and the boys love to wrestle and run around together.

We would love to provide your precious baby with a fun home with parents who love each other, three amazing siblings to grow up with and the sweetest doggie friend. We will be praying for you in this time of difficult decisions.

Love in Christ,
Sean, Jeanette, Flynn, Titus & Annora

Hello!   We are Josh and Amy.

We live in the wonderful Texas Hill Country.  Josh and I have been married for 10 years and it’s been a whirlwind of fun. We have one biological daughter who is 8 and ever so sassy.  Her name is Kayleigh and she is so loving, kind, and smart.  She has asked to be a big sister for so long and asks almost daily if we know anything.  She will be over the moon excited when we are blessed and she will be an amazing big sister.  

Josh and I both serve the community through our jobs and enjoy our calling.  Josh is a full time Lineman for the local electric co-op for close to 19 years and a Captain in the Volunteer Fire Department.  I work full time for Fire Department as a Firefighter Paramedic in our town and have grown up in this department.   To be able to help people in their lowest moments is what it’s all about while giving back and serving the community we have grown up in.   We are very grateful for our department family and our small town community who have shown us support in so many ways along this journey.  The majority of both of our families are local and have supported us every step of the way.  We are truly very blessed!!!

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Please let us start by saying thank you for your consideration and trust in us.  We promise to love, support, and always remain faithful in this journey.  After struggling with infertility for the last several years God has guided us down the Adoptions pathway.  We have never been more scared of the rejection, as well as the fear of the unknown.  However, we see the support and strength that has guided and it keeps us strong as we continue forward.  We know that through Him all things are possible and He will never give us more than we can handle.  We look forward to this journey with you as we wait this blessing!   

Dearest Expecting Mother,

We are Mark and Lillian. We are so honored and humbled that you are considering us as adoptive parents. You are already so loved and appreciated by us for being on this difficult journey, and we are praying for you and your precious little one. We may not be able to conceive naturally, but we strongly believe God has bigger plans for us, which is why He has led us to you. We cannot wait to love this child, whole-heartedly, and provide them with the most happy, loving, and supportive home. We will always honor your courage, and communicate the love you hold for this little one, should you choose us.

God brought us together on the luckiest day of the year, St. Patricks Day! We met in Galveston, TX while Lillian was furthering her education at UTMB and Mark was working on his first project post college. After being together for 4 years, we got married in 2018 in Oklahoma with close friends and family. 

Click here to watch a video of Mark and Lillian

Together we love traveling, outdoor adventures, and are huge foodies. We want our child to have a life full of experiences. Quality time is our love language. We love game nights or movie nights, where we just laugh and enjoy each other. We love cooking together and walking our 2 dogs: Jax and Josie, who both love children and love to play.

Click here to see Mark and Lillian’s photo book!

Lillian is amazingly sweet, thoughtful, and caring. Family is incredibly important to her, so she loves quality time with family playing board games, puzzles, or watching movies. She is a certified PA in Dermatology. She has a big heart and cares deeply for her patients. Mark is incredibly kind, patient and generous. He is a Project Manager with a strong work ethic, and has been working for the same construction company for 9 years. Mark is incredibly family oriented, always puts others before himself, and being a father means everything to him. 

Should you choose us, we are so grateful and ready to love and support you and your precious little one on this journey.

With Lots of Love,

Mark & Lillian

Hello Birth Mother!

We are Doug, Laura, and Henry.  Whatever brought you to this page we are so glad you are here!  We have been praying for you and your sweet baby, and know that the decision to place he or she up for adoption was not an easy one to make. 

We have been married for more than 13 years and adopted our son 9 years ago from Florida.  He radically changed our life in such an amazing way and we LOVE being parents to him. We thank God every day for him. We live in the suburbs in Texas and are lucky to have so many family members live within a short drive from us.  One of our favorite things to do is spend time with both sets of our parents, our siblings, and Henry’s 6 cousins. We live on a one acre lot and love spending time in our backyard watching Henry swim, jump on the trampoline, and play in his treehouse.

To learn more about Doug, Laura and Henry click here!

Laura has been a stay at home mom since Henry was born and plans to continue doing so until our children are raised.  Laura LOVES being a mom and being involved in all of Henry’s school activities.  Doug has worked at his company for over 10 years and he loves his job.  He’s very fortunate to have a job that has a great work life balance where he doesn’t have to work at night or weekends.  Henry just turned 9 years old and he is a very social kid who loves playing outside with his friends and cousins.  He is VERY excited about becoming a big brother one day!

For fun, we like getting together with family, love going on vacations to the beach and mountains, and just spending time outside with Henry and his friends.  One of our favorite things to do is host friends and family at our house for special occasions like Christmas, birthday parties, and our annual 4th of July fireworks party.  We are also very involved at our local church where we volunteer in the children’s ministry.

Thank you for taking time to read a little about us!  We know God has a wonderful plan for your baby and we would love to be a part of their story! 

Doug, Laura, & Henry

Dear Birth Mother,

Hello! We are Brock and Lauren. We don’t know your personal circumstances, but it is not lost on us the sacrifices you are making to love your child. We believe every life is sacred and worth fighting for. We also know firsthand some of the physical, emotional and social tolls and challenges that pregnancy can bring, and it shows courage, strength, integrity, and love that you are choosing the gift of life. Thank you. 

We are praying for you as you carry your baby through pregnancy and as you navigate this adoption process. May the Lord bring you clarity, peace, and wisdom, and would you know the breadth, length, height and depth of His love for you that surpasses knowledge (Ephesians 3:18) and never ceases (Lamentations 3:22). 

We have been married since 2015 and have two sons – Eli was born in October 2020, and Cohen in January 2023. Eli is high-energy, goofy, has a contagious laugh, and loves to kiss and protect his little brother. Cohen goes with the flow and is growing and interacting more each day. It’s a joy and privilege to be their parents.

We both have felt called to adopt since before we started dating. We believe adoption is a clear earthly representation of the gospel of Jesus. Through what God has done in Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection from the dead, we who trust in Jesus are forever considered children of God and adopted fully into His family. Our goal is to make much of Christ, and we pray we are able to live that out partly through adopting a child to love as our own. 

To learn more about Brock and Lauren click here!

Brock has a flexible job as a physician assistant in the emergency room, and Lauren works two days per week as an occupational therapist in the hospital. We are blessed to have parents who live locally and watch our children on the days we are both working. 

We have great support systems with family close by (parents, siblings, cousins, and grandparents), our church’s homegroup (which we host and lead weekly), and lifelong friends who are also raising young children. We enjoy outdoor activities, traveling, sports, and spending time with friends and family. 

It has been our desire to have our children close together in age so that they can grow up and live life in similar stages. We are excited to welcome a new son or daughter into our home and know our boys will be great with a new brother or a sister.

We are also excited to get to know you and share this journey with you. You and your child are loved and prayed for. 

In Christ,

Brock, Lauren, Eli and Cohen

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