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These are our wonderful families!

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Hi we are Vinny and Jasmine!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and giving us the opportunity to care for your baby. We are humbled by your courage and sacrifice. We promise to let your child know the loving decision you made. We will be devoted to providing a loving, nurturing, secure, and Godly home. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of being parents. We are praying for you. God bless you.
Isaiah 41:13

Hola! Gracias por tomar el tiempo para llegar a conocernos y darnos la oportunidad de criar a su bebe. Su valentía y sacrificio nos llena de humildad. Prometemos dejarle saber al niño/niña saber la decisión de amor que ha hecho. Estamos dedicados a proveer una casa piadosa llena de amor y seguridad. Gracias por darnos la oportunidad de ser padres. Estamos orando por ti. Que Dios la bendiga.

Isaías 41:13

Adoptive parents Jake and Jennifer with their family

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Hi there! We are Jake and Jennifer.

The 11 years of marriage that we’ve clocked in so far have been an absolute whirlwind of fun. God has blessed us with three incredible children: Kylie Jo, Lila, and Dustin; so life at our house is loud, crazy and simply perfect. Our days are full of playing, learning, laughter, and love.

The desire closest to our hearts is that our children will love God and love his people which means we’re doing everything in our power to lay a firm foundation for them. We are all beyond excited to add even more love to the mix over here. God has grafted adoption into our hearts in mighty ways.

Besides being excited to get to love another baby, we are equally excited for the birth mother to become an extension of our family. We know that every birth mothers story is unique, complex and beautiful and that we will be better people for knowing a woman who chose one of the most beautiful pictures of love.

Adoptive parents Brad and Rachel

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Hello! We are Brad and Rachael! We met at church in 2008 and married in 2010. 

Since Rachael was young, she’s always wanted to adopt since she sees it as a beautiful symbol of God’s gift to us. 

Over the years, it became clear that God confirmed the desire of adoption to both of us by allowing us to foster two beautiful baby girls for a short time.

We have not been able to conceive and do not have children yet, but would love to start our family by adopting.

We will provide them with all the security, joy and support we can offer. They will be loved by us, our families and our friends.

We will raise your child to know about the sacrifice you have made for them.

Thank you for considering to share the gift of life with us. 

Adoptive parents Brad and Rachel

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We are so honored and beyond excited that you are considering us as prospective adoptive parents for your baby! You are an incredible person and the love you have for your unborn child is shared in our hearts. We can’t express through words; the respect we have for you and the beauty of the plan you are making for your unborn child. You are such a strong and selfless woman. We promise to love, protect and support your child the way you envision for them. We promise to share the love that you have for them and always make sure that they know of the beautiful love. We will share with them the sacrifice you made to ensure their happiness in life.

We are Mario & Elizabeth. We have been married for 7 lovely years. We are a team and are soulmates. Our marriage is based on faith, love, trust and respect. We support one another and have a very stable, happy and loving marriage. Within our 7 years of marriage we have developed a strong foundation and are excited to welcome a little one into our lives! We both have great careers that provide financial stability. Mario is a Garage Door Technician. A career he began after our 1st year of marriage. Elizabeth went to school to become a Medical Assistant and obtain her certification. We do share some of the same hobbies and interest. We enjoy being active and outdoors! Especially walks in the park with our Dogs. We love to go on vacations and explore other states. Adoption is love in the most beautiful way and we are so excited to be parents! We cannot wait to have a little one running around and continue to make many wonderful memories as a family.

Thank you, again from the bottom of our hearts for considering us to be the adoptive parents of your baby. 

Adoptive parents Andre and Stephane

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Hello, sweet birth-parents. We are Dre and Stephane. The two of us have felt the Lord leading us to adoption for quite a while and are patiently waiting. We not only look forward to welcoming a precious baby, but are just as eager to love and care for you! There is already so much love for you and your baby within our family, and we continue to pray for both of you.

We currently have our 8 year old son, Alexander, who is eagerly awaiting the arrival a baby sibling! He talks about life with a baby daily and prays often for them. Dre is a high school English teacher and Stephane is in the last year of her Speech Pathology program. The three of us live in our family home and both of our families are close enough for frequent visits! Alex loves anything to do with music and is excited to play his piano for anyone who will listen!

Birthday trips are how we love to celebrate those special days and we love family vacations: one of our favorite attractions when traveling are always the zoo and aquarium (Denver has been one of our faves!)
Every Friday we have family night in our house, which involves cooking together or going out to dinner and a fun activity (we love games- especially Farkle, Uno or Mario Monopoly!) Us, our friends and families have been praying for you and the decisions you’ll have to make before we’ve even met.

Our view on adoption can be boiled down to this: “We Love because He first loved us”. We simply wish to be an extension of Jesus’ love to you, your baby, and your family.

Adoptive parents Jason and Jessica

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Hi there! We are Jason and Jessica, and we are so very honored you are considering us as the adoptive parents to your baby. We have no doubt it takes great courage to make this decision, and we are hoping to be supportive in any way imaginable. We have been happily married for fourteen years and have loved being parents for the past seven years.  We have two sons that are so excited to love, play with and protect a younger sibling.  It is a dream and priority of ours to have a close family with healthy relationships, and as our children grow into adults, that they would also be good friends with one another.  We both have very stable jobs in the education field, and Jessica is able to work from home and be with our children.  We live in one of the safest cities in our state.  Our small community has two pools within walking distance, playgrounds, and bicycle paths lined with trees.  We love to be outdoors exploring our local parks, bicycling, hiking and gardening. We are a warm family that is happy having cozy weekends at home or visiting our family and having cookouts with friends.  Traveling is important to us, and our kids have already visited six other states, the beach and two National Parks.  As your child grows up into adulthood, she will always have our unconditional support and love, no matter what. God has been so good and gracious to our family, and we cannot wait to share that with a sweet child.

Adoptive parents Brad and Rachel

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Hi there! We are Andre and Nicole! Please let me begin with two simple words from us to you…Thank you! Our names are Andre & Antoine. We are from North Texas and I want to thank you for allowing us the possibility and gift of being parents. We cannot express in words the gratitude we have for you and the difficult decision that lies ahead of you. We will ensure your child knows how important you are to the both of us and you will always have a special place in our hearts. My husband works for the Department of Defense and I work for a financial institution. We live in a quiet, multi-cultural neighborhood with a community center, playgrounds, and a pool nearby. Our home is located within a very highly rated school district and only minutes away from an exceptional elementary school.  My husband and I look forward to taking your child to and from school once he or she is old enough.

Our hobbies and interests include spending time with our families, traveling, working out, reading, game nights with family, and attending church.We are committed to providing a safety, security, education, adventure, and most of all love to your child, whom we would be blessed to have. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.We know this is a confusing and difficult time for you while you are trying to figure out the best option for you and your precious baby. We hope that you feel supported and loved no matter where you are at in your journey. We admire you so much for choosing life and for considering adoption. We promise to cherish and love your child with our hearts and souls and to provide a safe, happy, home and a life with every opportunity possible. Know that we are praying for you and your sweet baby throughout your pregnancy, that God will fill you with peace in whatever decision you make.

Thank you for taking time out to read our flyer. I look forward to hearing the hopes and dreams you have for your child.

Wishing you the best!

Adoptive parents Brad and Rachel

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We are Josh and Zabdi.

We have been married for 5 years and our family consists of the two of us and 3 dogs.

For a long time we have been wanting to start our own family but have not been able to do so. We found ourselves learning about adoptions and once we met Andrea and we understood the process we knew it was where God wanted to lead us all along.

Family is at the center of our lives and our large extended family has been very supportive of our adoption journey and cannot wait to include your child in our family.

Our promise to you is that your child will be loved and cared for and they will know their story. 

Josh and Zabdi have been matched!

Adoptive parents Zach and Carmen

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We are Zach, Carmen, and Josiah, and we understand this might be a difficult time for you. We are praying for you, your baby, and the decisions you will be making in the coming days. We have been happily married for 13 years and have a stable marriage built on our shared faith. We adopted our son, Josiah, 5 years ago and have loved every moment of laughter and love he has brought into our lives. We would love to welcome more children into our home and hearts through adoption.We make our home in the country, which allows us to have several animals including dogs, chickens, goats, ducks, and a mule. Raising our children in the country has been our dream, and we love being able to provide our children with opportunities to learn and play outdoors. Getting to experience and interact with nature and wildlife on a daily basis is a blessing for which we are grateful. Our home and property provide myriad opportunities to teach our children not only about biology, chemistry, and agriculture, but more importantly about God’s creation and His wonderful mercy.

Thankfully, we have a good relationship with Josiah’s birth mom, and we love and respect her for the choices she made which allowed us to fulfill our dream of becoming parents. We know the sacrifice and love she showed through her decisions, and we are thankful every day that she chose to give life to our precious son. May God lead you in His path and give you peace and confidence in your decisions.

With admiration and respect,

Zach, Carmen, and Josiah

Adoptive parents Zach and Carmen

Hello, we are David and Candida.  We are a bilingual family. We have been married for 16 years and are truly best friends. We tried to start a family three years ago but lost the pregnancy.  We now think God may have a different plan in mind on how to start our family.  We believe that plan is adoption.  We want you to know that if we are chosen, we promise to love this child with all of our hearts.  Our families will be there to love, encourage and support this child.  We promise to teach this child about God’s love and of the loving and selfless sacrifice you made.  We hope you will consider us. 


Hola. Somos David y Candida.  Nosotros somos una familia bilingüe. Hemos estado casados por 16 años y somos verdaderamente mejores amigos. Intentamos formar una familia hace tres años pero perdimos el embarazo.  Ahora creemos que Dios tiene un plan diferente en mente sobre cómo comenzar nuestra familia.  Creemos que ese plan es la adopción.  Queremos que sepas que si somos elegidos, prometemos amar a este niño/o niña con todo nuestro corazón.  Nuestras familias estarán allí para amar, alentar y apoyar a este niño/o niña.  Prometemos enseñarle a este niño/o niña  sobre el amor de Dios y del sacrificio amoroso que hiciste.  Esperamos que nos tomes en consideración. 
Adoptive parents Robert and Kameilia

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 Hello! We are Robert, Kamelia, Emma and Rachel. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We have been praying for you! Robert and I have been married for twelve years and have been parents for eight years. As a family you will see us spending our days reading, playing games, exploring nature and cooking together. We also love playing with our Australian labradoodle, Sadie and watching our pet fish. I stay home and enjoy being home with our girls teaching them and growing together. Robert works for our church. We are actively involved in our church and enjoy serving others and creating community.

All of us are so excited to add another member to our family. The girls talk about their new sibling all the time and already make all kinds of plans for all the fun they will have together. Robert and I believe that children are a precious gift from God. As parents, we try to honor God with the way we raise our children and we desire to help them grow, develop, and learn about who they are and what they were born to do in life.

We are praying for you and for peace and strength in your decisions as you walk this journey!

Adoptive parents Zach and Carmen

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We are Jim and Missy. We are so grateful our paths have crossed! Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family a bit more and how we might fit into your story. We met in graduate school in 2013, where we quickly became friends and fell in love. We married in January 2015. Over the past five years we have been hoping to grow our family but have not been able to. We entered into the adoption process eager both to become parents and to be a source of support and encouragement to a special birth family. Some notable things about us:

We believe Jesus changes everything, so we attempt to live our lives in a way that testifies to God making all things new.

We have two scruffy, lovable dogs, Norman and Lawrence. We live in a quiet, diverse neighborhood in Houston (with fabulous neighbors we adore). We love our home and inviting others into it, whether it be brunch, game nights, holidays, or yard games. We love any reason to celebrate! We sing a lot of silly songs. We eat a lot of ice cream. We value authenticity, laughing, community, and adventure. We own way too many books. (Our future child even has a stocked library already) We enjoy traveling and exploring new places and cultures.

It is our honor and joy to be considered as your child’s adoptive parents. We are in awe of your bravery and the sacrificial love you have for your child. It is important to us that you feel respected throughout your child’s life. Furthermore, we vow that your child will always know they are loved by us and you. We can’t wait to meet you and walk alongside you in this season of our lives.

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Hello there! We are Jared & Shannyn. We are church sweethearts! We met in youth group 15 years ago and have been married going on 4 years. We continue to be involved in our church and have many great friends that have become family over the years!

Since before we even became a couple, we talked about our hopes and dreams that we had for our future. We have always dreamed of having a family. When we got married 4 years ago, we knew that we wanted to start a family right away! When we found out that we would not be able to have children of our own, our first thought was adoption. We knew that this was the path that God was calling us down. As we continue down this path, we are in awe and wonder of the wonderful birth moms and families that we have read the stories of and had the chance to meet at various events.

Some fun facts about us:

~ Shannyn is an elementary school teacher & Jared manages a local hardware store.

~ We have 2 wonderful dogs, Bella (Sable Collie) & Shelby (Golden Retriever) & they love spending time with our nieces & nephews as much as we do. We lost our Micky (Tri Color Collie) to cancer, but he is still in the family photo.

~ Shannyn loves to bake & quilt! Jared loves working on home improvement projects & working in the yard.

~ We enjoy listening to a good book together & a movie night at home.

We live in the same area that we grew up in, with our families to be close by. We enjoy frequent family gatherings and dinners. Our families have been so supportive of our decision since Day 1, and they could not be more excited. Our families are eagerly awaiting the arrival of another family member to welcome in and shower with love. Please know that you are so loved, and we are praying for you & your family daily. 

Hello, we are Mary Beth and Jim! From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for taking the time to consider us as potential adoptive parents. We can only imagine how overwhelming this journey may be for you and want to honor you for your tremendous courage. What an amazing act of love and care for this precious one who is on the way. We are praying for you and hold the highest regard for you and your journey. If chosen, we cannot wait to pour our love onto the child God places in our arms and lives! We will strive to provide a most loving, nurturing, and supportive home…and throw in lots of fun and humor too! We especially desire to honor you and your decision, and to make sure to convey the love you hold for this little one.

Our journey began when we met in high school and fell in love. We grew up right around the corner from each other but did not actually meet till our late teen years. We were married in our early twenties and have enjoyed life together as a couple. Our hardest challenge was the long wait we have endured to have a child. We both know and have always known in our hearts that we are meant to be parents. We are so excited to begin this journey and see our dream come true! Although we live out in the country, we are in a wonderful neighborhood with many children and we feel it will be a great place to raise a family. We are both drawn to adoption. Mary Beth grew up witnessing this amazing experience with close family friends. Now, our next-door neighbors have recently adopted a baby and we have been delighted to see their beautiful story unfold. Our family and friends are beyond excited to also embrace this child. This child will be exceedingly loved and celebrated by many!! They will also know how very loved they are by God. 

To learn about Jim & MaryBeth click here!

Jim has a career in logistics management. He loves biking, cooking, and bowling. Mary Beth works in the field of school psychology and enjoys counseling and working with children of all ages. She also loves to read, write, bake, and spend time with friends. We both love taking long walks together down the country roads where we live, going to concerts or movies, and snuggling and playing with our sweet dog, Colbie Jane. Colbie is an Australian Shepherd with blue eyes. She loves to play with the kids in the neighborhood and they love her too. They often come to our door asking for her! We cannot wait to expand our family and we do not take this gift lightly. Thanks again for considering us!

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Hi, there! We are Drew and Lauren and have been married for 8 years. We met in the summer of 2010. It did not take us long to determine that we would be the best friends for the rest of our lives. We still tell each other everything and spend a lot of our evenings staying up too late talking! We have been blessed with 2 kids, Adelaide (6) and Graham (4).

Drew is a civil engineer. He was worked in the engineering field for 12 years and loves the challenge of accomplishing projects. He loves music, baseball and reading. He is easy going, witty, and cares deeply for others. His selfless love for our family has been such a blessing to us! 

Lauren loves being a mom! She fills her days serving our family and raising our children. She loves music, cooking, and decorating our home. She is thoughtful and intentional and loves helping others. 

Adelaide and Graham are both excited about adoption and cannot wait for another sibling to love on! They have been eager to help us prepare our house for a new baby and pray with us for the new baby that the Lord would bring into our family! 

Whether we are laying in the playroom, relaxing with a family movie night, or going out on a fun adventure, it is always more fun when we are all together! A few of our favorites are picking our a real Christmas tree and decorating it while we watch Charlie Brown Christmas, grilling hot dogs for Baseball’s opening day,  and Drew’s homemade cinnamon rolls for birthday breakfast. We are excited to keep adding to our family traditions as our family grows! 

We attend a Bible church and are involved in various activities there. We serve in a youth ministry, where Drew leads the worship. 

We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about us. You all are consistently in our prayers, and we are so grateful to God and to you for giving life to your baby! We admire your bravery and selflessness. Whether you choose for your baby to be a part of our family,  or another family, we pay that God would be near to you during this time. 

We hope to show you through a few words and pictures who we are and the love we have for one another. First and foremost, what an incredible gift you are bringing to this world! We cannot imagine how difficult of a road this has been, but are thankful you chose to walk it.
Should we get the opportunity to partner with you, we promise to honor our child’s birth parents and their decision to give our child life, to raise our child with love, warmth, and compassion, to teach our child that God’s path is there to follow, and to provide for our child the values and resources needed to set the foundation for a successful future.

We met through family in our young twenties. Lindsey’s sisters were dating Jason’s two best friends at the time. We were fast friends. Between hanging out on weekends, playing indoor soccer, and taking occasional trips to get away, we soon found ourselves spending more time together than apart. We knew we were in this life together from that point forward, though we were not in a hurry to get to the alter. We took our time enjoying the ride there. After 4 years of dating, Jason proposed on New Year’s Eve.  We got married at Lindsey’s parent’s house in Taos, NM merely feet away from where Jason had proposed 9 months earlier. It was a small outdoor wedding of 40 guests. The evening was simply perfection! We have been together now for nearly 15 years. Time flies when you’re in love!
We fully believe that adoption is God’s path for us. Before we were married, we talked often about kids. In fact, we talked more about adopting than having kids of our own. Years later we ultimately decided to start a family biologically. Goodness, it was a tough labor that ended with an unplanned c-section. The reward was well worth it of course. Easton changed our lives forever and for the better. In exploring having another child, we learned that complications from the c-section caused a rare condition that impacts future fertility. The chance of conceiving would be very low, and the viability of a pregnancy if I were to conceive would be risky, if not impossible. We initially couldn’t comprehend the position in which we found ourselves. After much thought and prayer, the picture was clear. The Lord had brought us back to the conversations Jason and I had about adopting many years earlier. He had a plan for us to adopt all along.  
We have been blessed with very close families. On both of our sides, our parents and siblings are our closest friends. Most weekends are spent with one side of the family or the other. Across the immediate family, we have 6 siblings, 5 parents, 4 brother in laws, 3 nephews, 2 nieces, and 1 son of our own. There are plenty of open arms waiting for another family member to arrive. Until that time, we will continue laughing, loving life as well as one another, and being thankful for everyday we are here together.
Hello, we are Oscar and Brenda. We have been married for 12 wonderful years. We have two beautiful girls, Mayah and Audrey, who are extremely excited to welcome a sibling through adoption! We have a lot of love to give and absolutely cannot wait to share more love with a baby. Having a big family has always been a desire of ours. We believe that God is orchestrating this whole journey for you, the baby and ourselves. Thank you for your courage and for considering our family, we are praying for you and baby. 
Hola, nosotros somos Oscar y Brenda. Hemos estado felizmente casados por 12 años. Tenemos dos hermosas niñas, Mayah y Audrey, ellas están muy emocionadas de dar la bienvenida a un hermanito o hermanita por adopción! Tenemos mucho amor para dar y definitivamente no podemos esperar para compartir mas amor para un bebe. Tener una gran familia siempre ha sido nuestro deseo . Creemos que Dios esta organizando todo este viaje para usted, el bebe y nosotros. Gracias por su valor y su consideración, nuestra familia ha estado orando por ti y el bebe.

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Dear Birthmother,

Thank you so much for your gift of life! You are the answer to our prayers! For 7 long years we have longed to have another baby. God closed that door but He has opened this one for His very good and grand purposes! We trust in His goodness always. Before I go on, let me introduce my husband and I! 

We are Evan and Wendy Noren. Evan is has just turned 40 and I am 39. He is 6’4” with gray eyes and brown hair and I am 5’8” with brown eyes and long brown hair. We are somewhat hopeless romantic‘s and you can tell so by our degrees! Evan’s 1st degree is in Biblical Studies and mine is in Music. Evan went back to school years ago and got another Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. He is now a Software Developer and writes computer code for a living. I taught at a Preschool this past year but am primarily a Stay-at-Home mom. We are also both Licensed Foster Parents in the State of Texas and we love helping children that are neglected and hurting, whether it’s foster kids in our home or just even kids in the neighborhood.

Evan’s extended family is mostly in California where he’s from. However interestingly enough, his brother and his wife have a four-year-old adopted little boy named Carson and they are in the process of adopting another! Your child will not be the only adopted one in our family!!! My extended family is spread out all over but I have a sister living here in Fort Worth Texas with her family. My younger brother lives in the DFW area and lastly my oldest brother lives in California. We love to do family dinners at least once a month if we can!

In our free time Evan and I both love to be outside in our backyard garden. He does the vegetables and I do the flowers. We both enjoy reading and playing with our daughter and supervising her play with the neighborhood kids outside. Evan likes to fish and I love to play with and care for 2 our dogs Trudy and Dash.

I absolutely love my husband’s sense of humor! He makes me laugh all the time and it makes life so much more enjoyable! He also has a servants heart and is others-centered. Evan loves it when I get silly and laugh with him and he loves watching me care for the kids in our neighborhood and for our family especially. It will be 11 years in September 2020 that we have been married! 

We currently attend a Baptist church but are considering becoming Lutheran. We want to celebrate the Eucharist more frequently than we do at the Baptist Church and we feel that Lutherans put that emphasis on the Eucharist moreso than do a lot of churches. When Covid is over we will be able to start visiting the new church that we have in mind.

The only other person living in our home is our daughter Alana who is seven years old. She is our precious gift from Jesus! She has been longing for a sister for as long as I can remember so thank you again for answering her prayers!

I plan to remain in a Stay-at-Home mom position until your child enters kindergarten at least! We feel very fortunate that Evan’s career has offered us the ability to be a one-income family so I can raise our children instead of needing child care. After Kindergarten, any kind of job that I have will be secondary to raising your child. I hope to work only when the kids are in school for the most part if possible. 

Our family is very supportive of us adopting. They have ached along with us on our long journey of infertility and cheered us on through our journey of foster care so they will definitely support us should this be the way we grow our family. 

Thank you so much again! 

God bless you, Wendy and Evan 

 Hi!  We are Kory and Leslie.  We feel honored and blessed that you are considering us as adoptive parents.  We guarantee you that this child will be loved each and everyday of their life by us and our entire family.   We understand that this decision is difficult and we are praying for you along your journey.  We have been married for 7 years and are truly best friends.  At the center of our marriage is our relationship with Jesus Christ and we look forward to raising a child who knows the unconditional love of Jesus. 

Kory is a man who loves deeply, and his family is his number one priority.  He is in sales and is always the life of the party. Leslie is a public school teacher and loves helping students grow each day! Providing great school experiences for special education students is her passion.  

We are excited to become parents and raise a child who knows their rich history and all the people who love them.  We love to spend time outside in the pool, traveling, attending sporting events, having weekly family dinners, and with our dog Queenie.   

Thank you for considering us, we can’t wait to meet you! 

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¡Hola! Somos Kory y Leslie. Nos sentimos honrados y bendecidos de que nos consideren como padres adoptivos. Le garantizamos que este niño será amado todos los días de su vida por nosotros y toda nuestra familia. Entendemos que esta decisión es difícil y estamos orando por usted durante este viaje. Hemos estado casados 7 años y somos realmente mejores amigos. En el centro de nuestro matrimonio está nuestra relación con Jesucristo y esperamos criar a un niño que conozca el amor incondicional de Jesucristo . 

Kory es un hombre que ama a lo grande y la familia es su prioridad número uno. El trabaja en ventas y siempre es el centro de la fiesta. ¡Leslie es maestra de escuela pública y le encanta ayudar a los estudiantes a crecer cada día! Ofrecer excelentes experiencias escolares para los estudiantes de educación especial es su pasión. Estamos emocionados de convertirnos en padres y criar a un niño que conoce su historia y a todas las personas que lo aman. Nos encanta pasar tiempo afuera en la piscina, viajar, ir a eventos deportivos, tener cenas familiares semanales y pasar tiempo con nuestra mascota Queenie. 

Gracias por considerarnos, estamos emocionados de conocerte!

Leslie & Kory 

   To an Extraordinary Woman

I am grateful and beyond excited that you are considering me as a prospective adoptive parent for your baby! You are an amazing person and the love you have for your unborn child is shared in my heart and the hearts of my immediate family members. Words cannot express the respect and gratitude I have for you and the beautiful plan you are making for your extraordinary unborn child. I am humbled and forever grateful of this moment and will continue to cover you in prayer and love. 

My name is April and I am currently living single and have never been married during my lifetime. I joined the United States Air Force in 1997 and recently retired from the military after serving over 22 years in the Healthcare Administration field. I have been blessed and fortunate enough to share my life journey with my lovely mother Aracely Gaines over the past 9 years. A few years following my fathers’ passing in 2006, my mother came to live with me in beautiful Hawaii. She has instilled my current values of faith, love, trust and respect and I plan to set this as the foundation to my future children. We both continue to be the best of friends and share many memories of traveling adventures, holidays and simply the joy of spending time together as a family. I am excited to welcome a precious little one into my life and can’t wait to spread the same love and support my mother has given and continues to give me. 

I had a great career in the United States Air Force and have continued to use my experience and skills in my current job as a Project Manager for a healthcare organization. This company’s culture promotes work-family balance, work schedule flexibility and the ability to work from home, as needed. My military retirement and current position provide financial stability and financial peace of mind in supporting my family. I have successfully earned a Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Health Administration in 2003 and 2013, respectfully. Within this past year, I have pursued other educational opportunities such as certifications which requires periodic online educational courses to maintain currency. I am an advocate for learning, in any capacity, and plan to instill the importance of education to my future children.

As a young adult, I always wanted to have children and looked forward to the day I would become a mom. In 2015, I started my journey to become a mother by seeking infertility services however never thought I would continue to have infertility struggles which would eventually keep me from conceiving. I could not imagine not having a child in my home and felt in my heart and spirit that God’s purpose for me was to grow my family through adoption. Adoption is surrounded by love and grace and I am so excited to be a mother to a precious child. I can’t wait to become a nurturer and provider to a little one and continue to make memories as a family.

I live in a growing community filled with diverse groups of families ranging from retired to families with children. I have a pretty decent size backyard with enough room to play around in. I have one small maltipoo dog that is almost 3 years old.  Our neighborhood is very family friendly with a community pool, park and playground. Both elementary and high school is within walking & biking distance from our home. Our community is location within a 15 to 20 minute drive to a variety of entertainment spots, shopping, sporting activities and amusement parks such as SeaWorld and Fiesta Texas. 

I enjoy both indoors and outdoors. I enjoy some of the simple things such as going on walks, having movie night, relaxing at home or enjoying some of my pastimes such as playing corn hole or listening to music. I also enjoy getting out and exploring new places and visiting different spots such as museums, outdoor gardens and beaches! My family and friends are an important part of my life and support my adoption journey to the fullest extent possible. They are excited to welcome a new little one to the family! 

I promise to love, protect and support your child the way that you envision for them. I will promise to share the love that you have for them and will always make sure that they know of your beautiful love. I will be their biggest cheerleader at every moment of their life. I will encourage them to dream big when it comes to their future and will support them in achieving their goals. I will share with them the courage and strength you had in ensuring their happiness in life. Thank you so much for reading my story and for considering me to be the adoptive parent for your precious baby.

Hi there!

We are Caleb and Kara from central Texas. We’ve been married since 2016, bought a 2-story home with 4 bedrooms and 2 playroom areas in 2018 and we’re ready to fill it with family which begins with a precious child! 

We have been close friends since 2011 working on creative projects that have included voice acting, singing, and producing original content such as radio plays. At the time, Caleb was working in sports production and Kara was a pre-school teacher and communications assistant for her church. We began to date in 2012 and in 2014 Caleb began to form a career as a singer and vocalist for a variety of projects. By 2015 it became evident that between Caleb’s talent and Kara’s knack for organization, we were able to have full-time jobs in the music industry.

We are a family who loves God and His Word, the Bible. We believe in prayer and have great faith that He is leading us on a journey to find our child. We have also been praying for you! You have shown great courage, strength, and humility to take these challenging steps forward with your life and the life growing inside you. We are eternally grateful to your decision to allow us to grow our family. You have faithfully already chosen to love your child by putting their needs above your own and we vow to ensure he or she will fully know the sacrifice you made. 

Kara especially understands the value of your decision. She was given up at birth because her birth mother knew she was unable to provide for a third child at 19 years old. She traveled from Mexico to Texas to pursue an abortion, but by the grace of God and her willingness to sacrifice a part of herself, she changed her mind opting to offer her daughter up for adoption. Kara was given a home with a wonderful family who were able to give her an adventure-filled life full of love. 

Because of Kara’s personal experience as an adopted child, she has longed for the day that she too would be able to adopt a special baby. Caleb began to share that desire as we discussed family planning and now both of us pray regularly for you and the small life you’re bringing into the world. 

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